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Written on:April 4, 2012
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In northern Dakota Territory in 1864 Company I, 30th Wisconsin Infantry began publishing a weekly newspaper, the Frontier Scout at Fort Union deep in Indian country on July 7, 1864. The 30th Wisconsin was taking part in General Alfred Sully’s campaigns against the Sioux. Garrisoned at Fort Union and then Fort Rice, the unit protect supply lines and peaceful Indians that gathered near the forts. The newspaper’s run was not long as it stopped publication in October 1865. The publiation does, however, offer interesting stories, tidbits and data surrounding the affairs of the garrisons. Additionally, there are commentaries on the War as it came to a close. When the paper moved to Fort Rice in June 1865, publication was taken over by the 1st U.S.V. Infantry. The 1st U.S.V. was a “galvanized” yankee unit made up of Confederate POWs who took the loyality oath. In several issues they reflect on their decision to take the oath and put on the Federal blue. One interesting story talks about the struggles “loyal” Southerners had to endure in the South. Anyway, for those interested here is a link to the digital copies of all the issues at the North Dakota State Historical Society: Frontier Scout available on-line

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