Abraham Lincoln and the Far Left Social Jesters*

Written on:October 14, 2020
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Abraham Lincoln

(*Jesters is not a typo!)

First it was in Wisconsin earlier this year where students wanted to tear down Abraham Lincoln’s statue citing that he was a symbol of “white supremacy.” Now in Portland they are tearing down Lincoln statues. Presentism in its pure ignorant form.

It got even worse when a so-called opponent of the students who wanted to erase our history, UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank, voiced concerns about how far the targeting of historical figures had gone. In a statement she said:

“However, when the totality of his tenure is considered, Lincoln is widely acknowledged as one of our greatest presidents, having issued the Emancipation Proclamation, persuaded Congress to adopt the 13th Amendment ending slavery and preserved the Union during the Civil War … I believe that Abraham Lincoln’s legacy should not be erased but examined, that it should be both celebrated and critiqued,” Blank said.

I’m sorry Miss Blank, but nothing in our history should be erased. It should be studied, understood for what it was and why it occurred, learned from if possible, and acknowledged.

The far left wants to remove American History and reconstruct it under a kind of social justice (the jesters they are) banner of what they see as truth.

Teach slavery, teach why and how it happened, and still acknowledge those that did something about it at a time when it would have been almost unthinkable. Teach about those that suffered under it. Teach it all. But to not acknowledge those that were truly progressive is pure revisionism motivated by politics.

Lincoln was a progressive if there ever was one in the 1860s. A racist? How could he not have been to some degree? But still a great man, a great leader and a great President. To ask him to have a complete modern day sensibility and enlightenment is pure folly.

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