Touching Gettysburg Letter of Condolence

Written on:June 21, 2012
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Soldier letters of condolence are often very moving reads. This morning we entered into the archive one such letter that was worth highlighting. Here it is:

Sir Enclosed please find $2 – a small amount advanced me by your brother when we came to this place. Henry also gave me his old blouse and overcoat. The former I wear at present, and both I shall take with me home. The value of these articles is of course little, but should your family wish to retain them for their associations I will leave them with you. In the great loss you have sustained I can but add my sympathy to the general sorrow of the regiment. I am conscious that the deepest condolence fails to rectify events, or that the most sincere sorrow of friends cannot assuage the poignant grief of family affliction, yet a companionship of months forms ties which a soldier serves…

To read the entire letter Click Here…

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