Letter Written to Lieutenant in the 92nd Illinois Infantry by Sister

Written on:November 8, 2011
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Letter written to Lieutenant Oscar F. Samis, by his sister.

Dear brother Oscar,

I was glad to hear from you and that you was well, but very sorry you was in such a fix now. If you will send your pants home I will mend them all nice. I suppose you think by this time you can sew as well as anybody. You must have considerable to do these times. I should be sorry if you lost your clothes. Andrew says they are nice, but never mind the clothes. We think the war will soon be at an end. What do you think of it in Dixie? The Rebs have got the worst of it in Penn. And I think Morgan will get whipped before long. I hope so at least. The folks are all well as usual. Mother is better this summer. Her health was poor all the spring. Amelia was sick for a week. She is better now. Willie has gone to visit Mortie today. George and Hurbie is going with him. I suppose they will enjoy it better than Mother Wilber. The dust is very bad. There has been no rain for three weeks. Our well is dry and so with most of them in this neighborhood. I had my cistern stoned up last week. They will plaster it this week. I was at Mrs. Sanborn’’ yesterday helping gather currants she is drying for the soldiers. She will have a bushel or more when they are dry. Mr. Sanborn is quite sick. He has not been well all summer. How does James S. get along? Does he make a good soldier? I saw Frank Carpenter Sunday. To hear him talk one would think your Captain was not very popular in the 92[nd]. We made some allowance for he likes to talk pretty well and maybe a little prejudice. The winter wheat is very rusty. The corn looks well, as good as I ever saw it. Has been rather dry for spring wheat, it may burn out. Ezra Monger rents our place this year. I hope we will have good crops. I think he will farm better than Mr. Hall did. Frank says your crops look well. Sibyl sends you the Polo paper so you get all the news. I will get my portrait taken as soon as I can. The picture you sent to Mother looks first rate. I like the style of your coat. Sib has put it in her album. Mother has just come, she walked down. She says my letter is the latest we have from you. It takes some time for your letters to reach us, but you must write as often as you can and take as good care of yourself as you can. Mother feels very uneasy about you. She thinks you are getting so far away. She sends her love to you and says you must be a good boy. Now write soon.

Good by,
Mary S. Quaid

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