Community Walk: William Taylor’s Civil War Correspondence

Written on:June 11, 2011
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This is pretty cool. Community Walk is a site where you can put in the locations of the letters of a soldier and track their movements. In this instance William Taylor’s Civil War letters are available to read and you can see where he was relative to his travels, theater of operations, and nearby activities:

The letters included in this map date from September 1862 – October 1864 and were written by Sergeant William Taylor (b. 1828) of North Liberty, Pennsylvania. Taylor enlisted in the 100th Pennsylvania Regiment in 1862. The letters were written from camps in Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, Indiana, and Maryland to his wife Jane McKnight Taylor. Included are his descriptions of the Battle of Fredericksburg, the shelling of Vicksburg, the fighting, retreat, and siege outside of Knoxville, the siege of Petersburg, and the Petersburg mine explosion and assault. Taylor was discharged from the service with a medical certificate November 13, 1864.

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