We are always interested in writers who wish to submit an article for consideration, please click here to write for us. Our mission is to rescue Civil War letters from potentially being lost to future generations.

We need volunteers to help us with our RESCUE MISSION to find and capture Civil War letter transcriptions. These documents belong in the public domain for everyone to use. For example, read this: Soldier’s Letters Rescued from Trash Pile…

We also collect transcripts from archives and universities. The goal is to create a central location for the largest (future) collection of Civil War letters and all in a searchable database that is open to the public.

IS THIS LEGAL? Absolutely. For unpublished documents, the copyright belongs to the author from the date of death + 70 years, when pertaining to authors who died before 1937. At that point the documents enter public domain. Letters and books written by Civil War soldiers prior to modern copyright laws are in the public domain for reproduction. Also, this website is 100% educational in its operation and functioning.

If you would like to help us, please CONTACT US and we will get back to you!.

If you are interested in searching through our archives, you may do so without registering. If you are interested in contributing a correspondence (letter or diary) and/or soldier information, you may register as a Contributor.

NOTE: If you wish to allow us to post transcripts but DO NOT have the time to enter the information, we have volunteers who will. Please contact us to send those transcriptions. You will be fully credited and if you have a website a link will be provided for EVERY letter or correspondence uploaded.

If you have letters or diaries that are not transcribed, you can photocopy them and mail to (copies will not be returned):

C/O Chris Wehner
PO Box 9010
2139 North 12th St. Unit. 10
Grand Junction, CO 81501-7600