Letter from Harris, Jordan Carroll

Soldier: Harris, Jordan Carroll
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 81st Infantry
Home State: Illinois
Date Written: Tuesday, August 25th, 1863
Location: Vicksburg
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Combat Description, Commanders, Contraband, Enemy, Negro Soldiers, Politics, Religion, Western Theater
[contents concerning the battle of Goodrich's Landing, La. on June 30, 1863 and on how the USCT officers were mistreated after being captured, it reads in part:]

...We left Vicksburg on the eve of the 21st & on the morn of the 22nd we awoke to find that we had landed at a place called 'Goodriches Landing' about 50 miles north of Vicksburg on the Louisiana side of the river. We had no Com. Officer over our company G.W. Ward was commanding the Co, myself acting as orderly. There were some negro troops stationed at the landing [with] some small pox among them. They had erected a line of fortifications there. Their officers told me they had been engaged in a fight there lately & had two of their companies taken prisoners and [an] orderly Sergt. who had succeeded in making his escape from them & had just came in said they was treated most barbarously he said the officers had to march with Nigger children astride of their necks. The enemy were finally repulsed at that fight. Strategy was used however, our officers knew that the Rebs dreaded the gunboats & a little steam tug lying behind the river bank was ordered to steam up & a cannon or two was fired near it which caused the 'Chivalry' to retreat in dismay. We left the landing early in the morning & proceeded in a north-westerly direction to a large plantation about three miles from the river & halted & stayed until next morning...The boys all appeared in the best of spirits & anticipated a fine time on this march...it may be that as Price, Holmes & Marmaduke are at Almeda near Little Rock Ark that Blunt being above Steele coming in from Memphis & our Div. below they may intend to close in on them & make a clean shucking of the Rebel Army on the westside of Miss....may God grant us the grace to defend our happy Constitution abroad & to find on our return domestic peace at home...