Letter from Jeffers, Ira S

Soldier: Jeffers, Ira S
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 137th Infantry
Home State: New York
Date Written: Saturday, May 21st, 1864
Location: Near Cassville, Ga.
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Daily Life, Eastern Theater, Family, Patriotism, Religion

Dear Parents, I wrote a letter to you yesterday, but as I have time I thought that I would commence another today. We did not march any yesterday and we are in the same place yet. There is a report in camp that we are to stay where we are a day or two and draw clothing, extra shoes, &c for a 20 days march to go on some other expedition, but we cannot tell much by what we hear for there is nearly all kinds of reports and rumors in camp, some that are true, and a good many that are untrue. You hear more of the war news than I do. We don't get many papers so we don't know what is going on, only right where we are. I seen Norman Vance today. He is well. Milt Knox & Bob Winner are both well and I am well. The weather is pretty warm here now. Corn is large enough to hoe and peas are blowed out. We are where we see some pretty good gardens and large fields of grain. It is a nice farming country, but the war is ruining a great deal of it. It is destroying large amounts of property. I will wait till tomorrow to finish my letter unless they take a notion to move.

May 22: Dear Parents, I received your letter this morning of the 11th. I was glad to hear that you was all well. We are all well this morning. You said that you thought that I looked pretty fat in the likeness. I don't look quite so fat now. These marches take the flesh off from us some and we are to be ready to start again in a day or two. I suppose we have been stopping here to get rested out a little. We get our mail nearly every day now. The cars run nearly to where we are. There was not many bridges for the Rebels to burn and when they did burn one our men had the timber all ready to put it up again. The men are all in hopes that this campaign will end the war. It looks favorable now but it will cost the lives of a good many men yet, but it is in a good cause and God grant that those that fall may be prepared. When you write direct to the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 20th Corps. The directions have not changed, only of the corps which is the 20th instead of the 12th. My Father in mercy instructs me by sorrow and smart the veil by correction removes and shows me the ground of my heart. Write as often as you can. I was the only one that got a letter in our company this morning. Ira S. Jeffers.