Letter from Booker, James

Soldier: Booker, James
Allegiance: Confederate
Unit/Service Branch: 38th Artillery
Home State: Virginia
Date Written: Sunday, July 14th, 1861
Location: Winchester, VA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Comrades, Family, Home, Patriotism
Link Source: http://etext.virginia.edu/civilwar/booker/

Dear cousin,

I have no doubt but what you think by my long silence that I have forgotten you, though I'll have you to know that such is not the case. I have been waiting to find out where we had to be stationed. We are at Winchester now. I don't know how long we will have to stay here, I am in hopes that we will stay here for some time. We have elegant water and a plenty of it, and a plenty of good provision so far, and a fine chance of beautiful young Ladies, and the kindestthat I ever saw in my life, and the most beautiful Country that I ever saw. They have fine Crops over here, and not [unclear: much] likelihood of a fight. The yankees has gone back to Martinsburg and it is thought if we get them we will have to go after them. A young man that belong to our regiment got shot yesterday evening accidently, and died this evening. The young man that shot him is about to grieve him self to death about it. They are both from Martinsburg. I don't know either of them.

I will close my letter for I can't think of anything to write that will interest you. Give my love to Miss Jinnie Danniel and tell her that I am very glad to think that there is one Lady in Pittsylvania that hasn't forgotten me. Give my love to all of my sweet-hearts and share a good portion for yourself. Tell them cowardly boys that lives in your neighborhood to look sharp, the drafted militia is coming in daily. I am sorry for the cowards. They make them work so hard throwing up breastworks

This is from your affectionate Cousin

James Booker

Please excuse bad spelling and writing.
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