Letter from Spain, H P.

Soldier: Spain, H P.
Allegiance: Confederate
Unit/Service Branch: 1st Infantry
Home State: South Carolina
Date Written: Wednesday, May 22nd, 1861
Location: Camp Davis, near Richmond, VA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Eastern Theater, Friends, Patriotism, Politics, Rumors, Strategy, Camp Life, Eastern Theater, Friends, Patriotism, Politics, Rumors, Strategy
My Dearest Sissy. Your affectionate and sympathetic epistle reached me this morning. I thank you dear Sissy for your kindness and affection to me. A loving brother only can truely appreciate such bountiful bestowments. O how it delights and gratifies me to hear from my relatives. I have written you several times from this place- had concluded that some delinquent of "Old Abe's" had halted them, but I suppose you have rec. all ere this. I rec. a bundle and several letters from home this morning- what will I do when Mother & Father are gone! I feel that I could not survive their death! Well Sissy, I have so much to write about it is impossible for one to begin appropriately- don't criticize a soldier's letter I beg you. The camp is all alive and much excited at this time. Orders were sent to the 2d Regt., Col. Kershaw's Com., yesterday evening to the affect, prepare yourselves for marching early on Thursday morning. Our Regt. will go the same time. Tis said we are going in 30 miles of Washington, called Manassas Gap. Our men are in fighting condition. We are willing, yet anxious to strike a blow for our rights and dearest honor. I would plunge a dagger in the breast of a man if he would dare to speak Union in my presence. Hanging is too good for a low contemptable and cowardly submissionist. They are destitute of having patriotism and pride, who preach submission to tyranny and exterminalism. How dare a human entertain such sentiments to the glorious Union. Tell Bro. John to hurry up the "Old North State." And Kentucky! Shame, shame forever on her! Assuming a neutral position in such an hour of extreme peril and excitement! I look with disgust and horror upon the action of some of the states who should at once dash the chain of displeasure to affirm- join their sisters and grasp with steady arm the shield, and draw with agility the sleeping sword with determination to conquer or die. I thank God for the enabling spirit, that I am destitute of fear. I long to aim my unceasing rifle at the very life primitive of my antagonist. Do you know Wm. Atkinson? He and I mess and sleep together. He is a noble fellow! I am a member of the Richmond Rifles. D.G. Wailey did not come in with his company. Only a few low characters came from the company with L. Daniel McIntosh. I preferred joining a company where I could associate with respectable young men. About 30 of this company are in So. Ca. College, Capt. Miller commanding. The drum is beating. I must close until after drill. We are subjected to some exercise here, drill four times a day will do us good. I am improving in health. We are encamped near the trotting course, two miles from the heart of the city, a beautiful and pleasant spot. We fare very badly indeed. Some days we have nothing at all palatable, but ocassionally some fair hand is extended with delicacies to the suffering soldier. Bless the Ladies! I desire to see them at home, but I am, thank God, united in an ingenious and glorious cause and I'll go where my country calls. Richmond is crowded with soldiers- still companies are ordered to different points and our time will come soon you may depend. The Republicans dread us. They know that where we raise our arms we conquer. I wish you could see us. Our uniforms are musty, but the outward appearance of things deceiveth much. I contemplate visiting you when I return. I will perhaps go through Charlotte on my way to South Carolina. I'm sorry Charleston is blockaded. I must confess the Yankees have astonished me this time for I had no idea that they could muster so large a force in the field and extend their impudence and threats to our very doors. No parallel can be found in history to their atrocity. They are infatuated, mad & revengeful. Their all will be soon fluttering in the winds of destruction if they continue their encroachments. We, the 1st S.C.V., have but five more weeks to remain in service. The Regt. will remain as long as there is prospect for fighting. I think we will have a fight soon. Dearest Sissy, I think of you often. Please write frequently.

As ever, your dearest Bro., H.P. Spain.
Direct to H.P.S., Richmond, Va., 1st Regt. S.C.V., Care Capt. D.B. Miller