Letter from Cloer, W. M.

Soldier: Cloer, W. M.
Allegiance: Confederate
Unit/Service Branch: 62nd Infantry
Home State: North Carolina
Date Written: Thursday, October 16th, 1862
Location: Camp Zollicoffer, Tenn.
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Commanders, Comrades, Family, Prisoner, Warfare, Wife/Girlfriend

Dear Ann,

I an very glad to tell you that since I was writing on the 12th of October, my health is a good deal better than it was at that time and I would be glad to know that you are all well. I am about as well as ever only I am very weak yet.

Nothing new has happend. We have 2 more Tories in the guard house but that is not new to us. It is a old thing with us. We get some good news from Kentucky. There has been a big fight in KY. Our men joined the battle and took the near of 1000 prisoners besides arms and other goods and a heavy loss on each side and Kentucky in 3 weeks past has made up 32 Regiments for Southern service and is still making more but we hear more talk of peace. Now we hear have no more talk of us moving to Charleston, S.C. We will take winter quarters here. I expect that is the talk.

The Tennessee volunteers that turned out since se came here won't be took, they have to go as conscripts and by that there is none but us to guard this railroad and I think we will stay here during (the) war and I will be glad if we do for it is a first rate place here. Good cleaner people and good health and plenty to eat. When we have it to buy we can get it easy and we have that to do plenty often but we have been getting plenty for a few days.

Our regiment is the 62 Regt. instead of the first. I would note have wrote this letter but Gaffer did not get off as soon as he expected and I thought it proper to write a few and slip in with what I had wrote but I did not think I would write as much as I have but I don't care how I write when I begin.

The health of the company is generally good. Some of the boys is complaining but all is on foot and all in good heart playing like school boys and all friendly and clever good and kind to each other. Kelley and Enlow is as good to us as they can be. Henry is hardly ever here. Norton is gone home and none of us cares if he ever comes back. I would be glad to be with you now and I would talk better than I can write and a heap more things I could tell you than I can write for I can't write with any satisfaction and my hand trembles so that you know nobody else can read anything that I write but do the best you can with it and I will try to do better next time.

Tell the old women about there if they want needles for each one to send me 40 cents and what number of needles they want and I will get them. I have got you a paper of them but as this letter will be left in Franklin, I won't send them and if you need some let me know it and I will get them for you. I don't think there is any danger but I will get a furlough to go home when I want it and that will be the 15th day of November and if I have no bad luck I will be at home the 20th. I can't get anything to bring to the children when I come. There is nothing to get. I have tried to get a knife for Bud till I have give out trying anymore but maybe I can get something before I go home to take to them.

I want to see you all worse everyday and every day seems longer and the nights is very lonesome.

The weather is getting cool. There has been no frost here yet we get fruit to eat now, no chestnuts and if I was at home I would show you how to eat apples.

I will write you enough to back a letter to me commence. W. M. Cloer

Zollicoffer P.O. Tenn

62 Regt NC troops

Co. D. in care of Capt. R. M. Henry

You may look for me the 20th or the 21st and you will see me if we don't move from here and I am able to travel. I love you better than I ever did. Take good care of the children and be good to them.

So I must conclude for this time. God bless you all. I am your best friend until death.

W. M. Cloer