Letter from Hayes, John T.

Soldier: Hayes, John T.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Wednesday, November 9th, 1864
Location: Kingston, Georgia
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Daily Life, Family, Politics, Rumors, Wife/Girlfriend

Beloved Companion,

This leaves me well and hearty. Sincerely hope it will find you all the same on its arrival. I have not heard from you for some time but I hope all is well. I would like to hear from you but somehow I can't. I still wait with patience for 12 more days to pass off then if living I hope to come and see the reason you don't write. I reckon you are looking for me the ----. I hope to come home the first of next month. Where we will be I can't say. By that time there's talk of a campaign to what extent I don't know. We know nothing here. If I would give you all the camp rumors so I will not give none of. The everyday talk all we know about movements is when we get orders to pack up ready to march. When we start then we know thee's a movement. As hardware we can tell but they can't go far until my time is out the second time. Then I am going to have my discharge or I will do worse. I will do no more duty after that. You need not answer this. I don't know whether I will write anymore or not after this. I will not write unless something happends (to) me. If I get to come home, as soon as i think I will I shall not write if you can't read this, wait until I come. I can this done in a hurry. You can tell by it that I am well. This is all I care about but want to see you and my pet baby but I live in hopes that after a while I will see you both. The time sems long to wait but there is no such thing as getting away.

My best regards to all friends. If you are at your Father's, let my father and mother know that I am well and still remember them dear to me by many ties. This is all.

John T. Hayes

Yours until Death

Elisabeth Hayes


Linn Co., Mo.

At our election there was in our regiment 240 Radical votes eight conservative. Company H all radical throughout.

We have received 4 month's pay this all up. You can tell what it means.

John T Hayes