Letter from Hayes, John T.

Soldier: Hayes, John T.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Monday, June 27th, 1864
Location: Camp Chattanooga, TN
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Commanders, Enemy, Family, On the March, Rumors, Strategy, Warfare, Western Theater, Wife/Girlfriend

Dear Friends, One and All,

I write you this morning to let you know that I am well and hearty at the present time. I've written to you since we came here but I told you that I thought that we would leave the next day but we are still here yet but I think will soon go to the regiment. We have not heard from the regiment since they left here. Our ---- has gone to the regiment for orders from the Colonel about the 3 Company drawing their guns. This is the talk at least and when he will be back I don't know. That depends on when we leave here. We will take the cars for Maryetta, Georgia probably tomorrow or next day or soon at any rate you have a better chance to hear all the news than we do and so I will not try to tell you much about the news at this time.

There is heavy fighting down near Atlanta, Georgia and Richmond. There is no mistake in that but I hope it will soon be over I hope before we get down there but still that is what we all came out for was to put down the Rebellion and that time at far off. Now it's my belief that they can't stand it long. Sherman is being reeinforced heavier than his loss in troops is going everyday to him and half the men in the first place could whip them before. There has just a messenger just passed. He says the Rebels is coming down Lookout Valley. What it will amount I can't tell. If it does amount to anything I will write again or keep this until I see further there is. They say only about 2000 thousand of them. They will not come here. They aim to burn that large bridge that I told you about in my last letter. This is all they want or can do. They can't take this place.

I am going to send you a pair of green specks. I think that they will be a help to you when you are out in the wind and if you can't use them, keep them until I get home or sell them. They cost me a dollar. The price of such is $1.25 but if either one of you can use them, receive then as a present from me. I think Father you can see through them and I know the shade will help your eyes for they run water and the longer you wear them the better you will like them. You can wear them all the time and if they don't help your eyes then I don't know anything about it. Now if this should fail to reach you, I would like the one that opens it to send it to the address:

Thomas Hayes, Linneaus, Linn Co., Mo. from J.T.H. Chattanooga, Tenn

If there is anything of a raid here I will slip in a piece of paper or it may be I will here more before I send this. I guess it is a small party of bushwhackers

(John T. Hayes)