Letter from Hayes, John T.

Soldier: Hayes, John T.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Sunday, April 3rd, 1864
Location: Christiana, Tenn
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Comrades, Enemy, Family, Rumors, Warfare, Western Theater, Wife/Girlfriend

Beloved Companion,

This Sabbath P.M. I write again to you but it is not with he same pleasure that I could write to you if I had a letter from you to answer but I shall content myself by hopeing to hear from you and sweet Edmon and all the rest of the friends soon toand hopeing soon to come home and stay with you. This will suit you and I know it will me as to the newsof the day, I reckon you have heard as much as we have. The Rebel Raid on Paducah, Kentucky and the riot in Illinios. The Rebels was whipped nicely at Paducah, Kentucky and they retreated to Mayfield and it was feared they would again attack the place. I have no fears in that direction. It will only put a few more of the Rebels out of the way. There is reinforcements going to the front and if there was serious difficulty back they could send reinforcements anywhere they was wanted. There is thousands going to the front. The Army is all being reorganized again and there will soon be something done in the course of a month or two. You will hear some stiring news of some kind. This is my guess about the times. Whether we will take part in the campaign is hard to tell. Ther is such as we will go back to McMinnville but I don't know this to be so. I would as soon go there as to Richmond, Virginia or the front. I would rather go to North than anywhere else at this time. We will have to go where we are ordered if to Richmond, Virginia

Well as I have nothing more. Yes, John Jones has been sick for a few days but is getting better again. The health of the Company is very good as this leaves me hale and heart. I hope it will find you and Sweet Edmon well.

As ever yours, John T Hayes

Father and Mother,

As I was writing to Lizzie I thought that I would write you a few lines to let you know that I am well at this time and to find out how you are getting along. I wanted to know if you have got what was due Brother James from Government or not and if not what you have done in the case. If you have not got it I will tend to it for you or fix it so you can get the money by presenting your claim. This is all it need cost you. So let me know about it and I will have Captain Morris tend to it so you can get your money and tell me whether you are going to build or not this summer. I hope if you build that I will get home in time to help you put your house up. If I was in your place would build for if I live I will soon be at home. Then I will turn in and help you.

I close hopeing to hear from you soon.

John T Hayes

Ever yours until death

As there is not much in my letters if you can read them at all it will not take you long.

John T Hayes