Letter from Hayes, John T.

Soldier: Hayes, John T.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Monday, March 7th, 1864
Location: Christiana, Tenn
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Commanders, Comrades, Family, On the March, Religion, Strategy, Western Theater, Wife/Girlfriend

Beloved Companion and Friends,

It is in good health and circumstances as the Army affords that I write you a few lines to let you know that I still survive and not no with the pale sheeted nations of the dead. I am thankful to Hime from whom all blessings comes for the good health he has blessed me with for the last 2 years and I hope and pray and trust in him that he will still bless me with life and health that I may live to see you all again on earth, if not here in heaven where we will meet to part no more. May this be the desire of our every heart and mind to meet in heaven them that gone before to that land of rest, the heaven above.

March 8th, 1864 Christinana, Tenn

This morning I am going to try to finsh my letter. I have nothing of interest to write to you at this time. I have not received a letter from you since the 27th of last month. I looked for a letter this mail but there was none came for me but I reckon there is one close behind coming. I reckon that before this reaches you will hear that he have left McMinnsville and for fear you don't get my other letters, I will mention all the particulars as far as I have any.

We struck tents the morning of 23rd of Feb to releave the 33rd Ind. As it happened it was the third. All round the 33rd Ind. has gone in the veteran service and gone home on furlough. We had a nice trip through the weather, warm and pleasant . We was near four days on the road. Here in commenced raining the 29th Feb and it rained two days and nights and hardly stopped. The country where we are is level or rather low ground too much so I think for health so you can guess we had some mud and water on the ground. The men that we releaved here had been here four months. They said this was a healthy place but then I can't see it in that light though we have out health any where. This country beats all for rain that I ever seen. It rains when it pleases whether we are on guard or not. I have forgot to tell you that we are in the 11th Army Corps reserve, 4th Brigade, Brigadier General Van Cleve, Major General Roseau commanding, Department at Nashville, Tenn. Brigadier General Vancleave commands at Murfreesboro commands Murfreesboro. Our regiment at the present time is guarding the Chattenooga Railroad from Stone River to Fosterville. Company A and company C Stone River, Company G at a stockade. Company F and company D and company E at Christiana. Company H stockade or some other place. Companies B, I, and K at Fosterville. This is the disposition of our regiment. On the map you can see where we are. On the map you will find that this place commences with G in the place of C so that you won't be at a loss to know where we are st this time. This place consists of a store with about a good armful of goods, Provost Marshal Offices, and Headquarters consists of a log house or house, a store room for a hospital and one ot two dwelling house. So you can guess that it is a gay place if a person did not care what they say but it does me as well as anyplace except home. If I get in no worse place than this, I will get along.

The Veterans that has gone in is trying to get off home. They think they will get off in a few days. Captain Morris is trying to get to come with them. He is going after the old Muster Rolls that he left at Linneaus. I don't know whether we will get off or nor. He went to Murfreesboro yesterday to see if he could get leave of absence.

So as I want this to go out today, I will have to close for this time. Hopeing to hear from you soon. This will have to answer your letters as I can't write to o many to your one. Hopeing soon to hear from, I subscribe myself as ever yours unil death, John T Hayes

To Elisabeth Hayes, Linneaus Linn Co. Mo.