Letter from Hayes, John T.

Soldier: Hayes, John T.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Wednesday, March 2nd, 1864
Location: Christiana, Tenn
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Comrades, Daily Life, Family, On the March, Religion, Rumors, Western Theater, Wife/Girlfriend
Dear Companion,

I write you this communication to inform you there I am well at this time and I hope this will find you and my sweet baby well and all the rest of the friends well.

I have not anything new to write yo you at this time. I wrote you a letter a few days ago and told you that we had moved from McMinnsville to this place, seven miles south east of Murfreesboro on the Murfreesbore and Chattanooga Railroad. We are not in as good a place as we were at McMinnsville. Its rather lower ground here and it I think is not as healthy a place as we was at. There is but few houses here. It is only a railroad station. There is one store I think in the place. I am not sure of it. You can guess it is of little importance. The railroad has to be guarded well and we have at this time a long stretch of it to guard. Three companies is here, fourth company at Fosterville. One company between here and Murfreesboro and two companies in Murfreesboroand the guard has at every post so far to guard say 2 miles each way and they have to go that all the time each relief so that there is a guard on the road all the time . There is about six daily or five trains running here each day. They run almost in sight of each other and five goes down in the forenoon and that many back in the evening and the most of them has soldiers going each way, Veterans and furloughed soldiers.

There is some such talk as they are fighting down here at Tunnel Hill and Dalton but I have nothing particular of it in the papers as I know of .

I received your letter date Feb 18 1864, I was glad to hear from you that you was well but as you say, I would like to see you but I have not the chance at this time. The time I hope will come when I can come home to see you or stay with you and take care of you and my boy. I hope to live to come home and see you all once more. Tell me in your next letter where the 18th Missouri is as you spoke something about Bruce's boys. You did not tell me anything in your last letter about Newton Andrews and them that they took to Macon City. I want you to give me the particulars of the case in your next letter as I have written all that I can think of at this time. I will stop. I am getting so that I can't think of nothing hardly to write but if your hear that I am well that will be something to you and I will try to do better the next time I write to you. So goodbye for for this time.

Ever yours, John T Hayes

Direst to Murfreesboro

Dear Father and Mother,

In answer to your short notice, I write you a few lines to inform you that I am still on the land and among the living and if this reaches you I hope it will find you both well. I was sorry to hear of you falling in the fire and getting burnt so bad but I hope this will find you well and all the rest. You have no idea how bad I want to see all of you but I conclud myself with the hope of coming home after a while if life is spared and it seems to me that the Lord will spare my life to get home if not his will it is all right, his be done not mine. Sometimes it seems so long until the time comes but then it will roll around after a while so as I have nothing more to write at this time I bid you good night.

Ever yours until death, John T Hayes