Letter from Hayes, John T.

Soldier: Hayes, John T.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Tuesday, April 28th, 1863
Location: Pacific, Mo
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Daily Life, Family, Friends, Home, Western Theater, Wife/Girlfriend
Elizabeth Hayes

Beloved Companion,

I write you a few lines to inform you that I am well at this time hoping this will find you well. I have not received a letter from you since April the 12th. How does it come? Had you not better mail your letters at Salem when you have not a chance to send to Lineaus. I will direct my letters there if you say so me to do so to do but I will wait patiently for a letter.

Everything is quiet here as far as I know. We took about twenty-five guns from the citizens, 18 shotguns of the best kind. All is quiet and the company that I wrote you on Sunday and told you had to go to St Louis is not going and I don't whether they will have to go or not and I don't know the reason they did not go. I have not tried to find out. There is no talk of us having to leave here yet. We are taking a good stay here but we will have our health good since it has dried off here and the trees and everything come out green. It is a pretty place and I would stay here satisfied during my term of service.

Pet, I not write much this time as I have nothing much to write. I am going to send you some letters. Some of them you will like to read but take good care of them and don't let everybody see them as there is something that would hurt some of our friend's feelings worse than they are.

Farewell, Pet, for this time. Take care of my pet lamb baby.

Ever yours truly until death, John T. Hayes

Father, I will send you a paper as I have not much to do but to write so you will see what is going on but you will get your own paper but maybe this will have something in it (yours) won't have in it.

John T. Hayes