Letter from Ramsay, Charles S.

Soldier: Ramsay, Charles S.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 44th Infantry
Home State: Ohio
Date Written: Friday, December 13th, 1861
Location: Home
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Family, Friends, Home, Wife/Girlfriend
[written to Ramsey from his wife]

Friday Morning

My dear dear darling,

Mother has just got me up on a chair, the third time I have been up. Our dear boy will be a week old tomorrow. I wrote to you when it was three hours old and again in four days but I don't suppose you have got them. I sent Mollie's letter in one I wrote to Will in one of them but you will not get them. O it almost kills to think my letters do not get to you. I have not negelected to write one day since you left and sent two a week for it was the only comfort I have. These two months you have been gone have been long, sad and painful. I am glad you have not seen what I have had to go through with but the worst is over I hope. I will soon be able to walk. I have had a hard time with my breasts. Suffered everything but they are better. The only draw back was yesterday.

I got your long looked for letter, the first one for a week. When it did come, it was so short, cold and discouraging I burst out crying and they could not stop me. You did not send a kiss or any thing affectionate. I was glad you were well but you said you did not feel like writing and here is poor me sick in bed and I do feel like writing and have exerted myself to do so. This is the third time.

You said you could not come home and I have built my hopes upon seeing you at this time if no other. I know you want to come. It is so hard to be disappointed. I do wish you could see our dear child. You would laugh to see it suck. O yes, now is the time I want you. I want someone to love and pity me. You know I always did love to be fondeled and kissed by you.

While I was crying yesterday, Mrs Cummings came to see me and talked so good, told me I would injure myself if I did so and talked encouraging. I love her dearly. Dr. B. said he did wish you could see your little boy. He is a dear man. He acted the part of the husband that trying night, lifted me about and was so kind. I like him so much but I must tell you something our smart little boy did the other morning while Mother was putting on a dry cloth. His little "peter" was standing up and he let his water fly. It went half way up the room and took a turn and came down so funny. I laughed so hard I did not know what to do with myself. O he does a great many funny things. He will be a great comfort to me this winter. Mr. and Mrs. Hayward came to see him last night. Harry McC wants me to name the baby after him. I want you to send a name for it. It has a hand just like yours and I think a mouth too. It has a pretty black head of hair, a pug nose like Mary or George. Arm has not seen it yet but George likes it. Arn is bashful. Mary Jane Alt came to see me yesterday. Every one I ever knew almost have been here to seeme. Your Father was up and is terribly pleased with his grandson and wants you to come home and says he will send to money if you have none to come with but if you cannot get a furlough all is up. Han is so much pleased with the baby.

I am tired and must go back to bed now. Will finish again and send it by a man on Monday, then I know you will get it.

Saturday Morning in bed.

Mother R went home last night and Anna came up to stay all night with me as Mother is not well yet but can walk. She is an excellent nurse. I do love her. She is so kind and lively and encouraging it does me good to have her with me. We did laugh so last night at the baby I wish you could see it you would laugh too. It is the dearest, sweetest boy ever lived. I would not give it for anything in this town or world either. I am so fond of it I can scarcly keep my eyes off of it. I am thankful it is a boy for it will will never have to go through what it's Ma did.

Maria Davidson was to see me yesterday and said he looked like his Pa. He has the pretiest dark blue eyes. Dr. B. is so attentive to me, comes to see me som often and is so lively and kind - must see the baby every time and eats sometime and talks so good to me about you and says I must not cry anymore that it may all be for the best that you cannot come now that I will have more to surprise you with when you do come and wanted to know what I would call it. I said you should do that. I am quite this, no double chin to be found but I will fatten up when I get out of bed. I hope by another week I will be out.

(Kate Ramsay)