Letter from Ramsay, Charles S.

Soldier: Ramsay, Charles S.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 44th Infantry
Home State: Ohio
Date Written: Tuesday, December 10th, 1861
Location: Home
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Family, Friends, Home, Wife/Girlfriend
[letter to Ramsey from his wife]

in bed.

My Dear, Dear Husband,

I am getting along finely. Have not been sick since the babe came as most people have fever. I have not. I am going to sit up in a few minutes for the first time to have my bed made. I was torn some by the big boy coming that is seldom done but I was so small built it could hardly be born. It came part way once and slipped back. It was awful but Dr. Buckingham was so kind was with me three hours and never took his hands off of me all the time. He is the best man next to you.

The baby has a nice head of black hair. Some think he looks like you, others like Hez but I don't know. Han is pleased to death with it. So are all and everybody that ever knew me has been to see me. One afternoon there was 14 ladies here. Mrs. Clokey was here today and told Mother R. that she did wish Charlie was here to see how pretty Kate looked laying in bed. Ms Cates brought me a great many good things to eat. Mr. McC and Mr. Clokey want to come to see me and our boy but don't like to for fear I don't want them. Father can't do enough for me. Comes home during the forenoon to see if I want anything, to pity the baby when it crys and helps with everything as a husband would.

We have had a hard time with my breasts. They are so full of milk and no nipples on them. We had to draw them with bottles and everything and done me no good but made them so sore I could scarcly stand it. Mrs. Kipher came over with her baby to have it draw them. They are getting along better now.

Have got Hez's letter today. It is warm weather here now. Mother is not well but can walk some.

I want you to name our boy!

Well that is a long letter to be written in bed and I am tired, so goodbye. I wish I had a kind kiss,

Your loving wife, Kate (Ramsay)