Letter from Hayes , John T.

Soldier: Hayes , John T.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Tuesday, December 2nd, 1862
Location: Macon City, MO
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Comrades, Family, Friends, Home, Prisoner, Western Theater
Dear Companion,

I write you to inform you that I received your kind letter the other dan and was glad to hear that you and the sweet little babe was well and the rest of the relations. You said you was coming down to stay with me as soon as Father got 15 aches of corn gathered. Well, I think that will be some time. If you don't come before that time, I think I will want to see Sis and young Edmons before that time.

You said you was coming if I said so. I am not going to tell you to come for I told you that you could come if you want to come. I will leave it with you. I would like to have you with me but I hate to see you come and go away again but if you want to come you can use your one flesheur to bought it. If you can stand it I can. If you come you ought to come before it gets too cold or we leave here as there is no talk about going anywhere but that is nothing. We might be ordered away at any time. I want you to write if you are coming down and when you are coming. If you come down and I ain't at town, you can go to Butler's and send word to me by some of the boys for there is some of them there everyday. The cars don't stop here. They go on to Macon City. This is only a coal station. If you come, fetch some money with you. We have not got paid yet and we don't know ehen we will get it. I will close for this time. Write soon as (you) get this. Fair well for this time,

John T. Hayes

Dear Father and Mother,

I drop you a few lines as I was writing to Liz to let you know that I am well at this time and hope this will find you all in good health. I have nothing to write you only they sent twenty five prisoners to St. Louis this morning. There is ten left here. There is no news that I know of at this time. There has been quarterly meetings going on for over a week in town. I been I believe to every meeting yet and there is a meeting tonight and I think I will go. Last night there was a few of us went in to a company. Told the company or others that was favorable to the good morals of regiment or the Washingtonion. I have gone in to the company. It won't do no hurt if it do it no good. I will close for this time. Write soon to me. I remain your obedient son until death, John T. Hayes

Macon City, Mo

Company F 23rd MO Vols