Letter from Testerman, William F.

Soldier: Testerman, William F.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 8th Cavalry
Home State: Tennessee
Date Written: Monday, July 25th, 1864
Location: Gallotin, Tennessee
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Family, Friends, Western Theater, Wife/Girlfriend
Link Source: http://spec.lib.vt.edu/cwlove/testerman.html

Dear Miss,

I again take the opportunity of Droping you a few lines in answer to your kind letters which I recieved a few days ago one bearing date June"23" the other June the "24"it was a plesure to me to have the honor to recieve a letter from as charming a young girl as the one whos name was asscirbed at the bottom of each of them I was glad to hear that you was well but I was more glad to hear you express your mind as fully as what you did this note leaves me well and I truly hope that this will find you in good health I can't say anthing to you by letter more than what you have heard from my letters before + Jane I hope the time will soon come when I can get to see you again I can write many things to you but if I could see you I could tell you more in one minute than I can rite in aweek The letters that you wrote to me has proved verry satisfactory to me if you will stand up to what you told me in your letters I will be satisfied which I have no reasons to Doubt but what you will but if you was to fail it would allmost break my heart for you are the girl that Iam Depending upon and if it was not for you I would not be riting by mycandle to night as you wrote to me that many miles seperated us in person if my heart was like yours we would be united in heart you kneed not to Dout Though we are fare apart at present my heart is with you everymoment for I often think of you when you are alseep when Travailing the lonesom roads in middle Tenn The thought of your sweet smiles is all the company I have I trust that you are cinsere in what you have wrote to me.Your sparkling blue eys and rosey red cheeks has gaind my whole efections I hope for the time to come when we shall meet again then if you are in the notion that I am we can pass off the time in plesure My time has come for sleep and I must soon close I want you to rite to me as soon as you can for I will be glad to hear from you any time.Direct your letters as before and dont forget your best friend so I will end my few lines but mylove to you has no Endremember me as ever your love and friend. Excusebad riting.

William F. Testerman to Miss Jane Davis