Letter from Hayes , John T.

Soldier: Hayes , John T.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 23rd Infantry
Home State: Missouri
Date Written: Sunday, April 5th, 1863
Location: Pacific, Mo.
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Comrades, Family, Friends, Home, Western Theater, Wife/Girlfriend

Elizabeth Hayes

Dear Companion,

I write you a few lines this morning to inform you that I have just received a letter from you which was welcome as I have not heard from you for two weeks I did not know what was the matter but I reckon it is because the Headquarters of the Regiment is at St. Louis and the letters is detained there. I was sorry to hear that you was not well and sick but was well again. I wish you and him was hear with me. I would like to see you and him. I know you like to see me too but I hope the time will soon come when I can come home to see you all.

You said you received a letter from me last Saturday or Friday that must bare date March the 20th. I wish you would tell me the date of the letters for I all the time ahead of you so I can't tell what letters you get and I write every week whether I get one from you or not. You said that you heard that we had marching orders to go South. There is no such orders yet and no talk of it at this time.

I just read Cassidy letters. I got them both together. I did not know who it was from until I get tired of writing and thought I would see who the strange hand writing was from. I was glad to hear from hime and to hear him talk for I was sorry to think he was a rebel so when I read his letter I was glad to hear him deny it and say he was not one and he blamed my other - could give him the ------ if I wanted to but I don't think I am going to write him a letter in answer to his letter. If Bill Marnell was here to show me and would swear to me that I never told him any such things I would not believe hime. I shall not say more about that for it amounts to nothing. If I had said so, I would say so again but I believe it to be his own lie.

Well, I have nothing more to write to you at this time. I told you in my last letter as soon as our Colonel's Trial was over I would give you the particulars of his arrest, the charges and all about it. The trial is not over yet so I will wait until it is then I will tell you all I know about it. So I will close for the present.

John T. Hayes
Ever Yours until Death

Dear Mother,

I write you a few lines to you to inform you that I received your few lines today, this the 5th day of April 1863.

I was sorry to hear that you and Father was not well but I hope ere this reaches you, you will have gained in health. I would like to see you all the best kind but I expect if I should live it will be over a year before I see you again. I do not know whether I will get to come home or not.

I got a letter from Uncle Will Hewitt yesterday. They was all in very good health. He told me where to to write to so I can write to him. You said you very much oblige to me for the pipe I sent you. I should have got a better one. If I could a $1.75 cent one but I did not find one of them. So I will close for this time. Write soon. Ever your obedient son,

John T. Hayes