Letter from Pitridge, John W.

Soldier: Pitridge, John W.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 5th Infantry
Home State: Vermont
Date Written: Saturday, December 20th, 1862
Location: Camp near Bell Plain, VA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Eastern Theater, Family, Home, Warfare

Dear father and mother and Brothers and sister to. I recived a letter from you last night with 3 dolars in. I was very glad to hear from you all but didn’t care much about the money for we have ben paid of the 10 day of this month and I sent you 48 dolars and it will be there bfore long. It will be at the Bank of Brandon and when you get it jest let me know how much I have saived sence I left home. State pay and all, cow and all…(more)… I should likto no how much first rate for I don’t no. And on more thing that I want you should do for me is to go to Doctor Backus and get something for me to take so I can get my discharge and send it in your next letter. Be shure so do and be sly about it to and right the directions how to take it to. Be shure now and send it for there aint no chance for me to get home unless you do so. Havit make me poor and look bad so I can get of to the General Hospital and then I can get a furlow if I cant get my discharge. Do the best you can for me now or else stop teasing me to com home, for it is imposebel for me to com home unless something happens more than I think of now. For I have don the best I can for my self that is so shure as hell mother. Be shure now and do your best mother. N.B. you said something about a letter… (more)… I have ben a little sick for 3 or 8 days and so I dident go into the fight. Som of the boys got hit. John Leragh got on finger shot of. 6 or 8 wounded or killed was all hoo got hurt in our Rgt. Sum suferd moar and we had to retreat to back acrost the river. Well I don’t think of more so good buy for this time. John W pitridge to his father & Mother Brothers Sister to. Right Soon