Letter from Elliott, Edward A.

Soldier: Elliott, Edward A.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 5th Infantry
Home State: Connecticut
Date Written: Wednesday, April 24th, 1861
Location: Manchester
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Family, Friends, Home, Patriotism, Religion
[letter written by Mrs. Hannah Elliott of Manchester, Connecticut. She is writing to her Union soldier son, Edward Augustus Elliott. The letter is dated April 24, 1861. The envelope that the letter was found within is addressed to "Mr. Edward A. Elliott, Conn. Light Guards, New Haven, Conn."]

My Dear Son

hearing your company leaves N. Haven tomorrow I concluded you would like to hear from home and will send this by Mr. Bugby if he has not gone, there is not much of interest to write you Geo has gone to Mr. Browns to board and works for Mr Bidwell. there was a meeting at the center basement last saturday evening for measure to be taken for forming a company to practice militia by tactics under Mr. Henry Hudson, and to receive the names of those who feel we subscribe toward raising fund for the support of the families of such married men as should go to fight for the right of our country God Help them. Mr Ward Cheeny nobly headed the list with $500 and then generously said he would give more if needed, Joe Manch has enlisted he wished to join your company but was to late, as I go down [ he will call ]with and see if they have testaments and send you one, I hope it will be exceptable and believe it will, keep it for my sake and read it it will be a blessing to you, and may the God of War go with you all to guide and protect you all and fight with you may you be instruments in his hands to Conquer and subdue the rebelious and return you in safty to your homes. I cannot write you more at present as it is a time I should learn how I am to send Father Euphasia & the boys & Arthur Stuart join in Love with me to you sis says be a good boy and I say be of good cheer be temperate Love your God and your Country and he keep you to the end write when you can if you wish to send to the green write or direct to me and I deliver it

wednesday morning half past eight

love from all from your affectionate


Hannah Elliott