Letter from Inglet, Thomas W.G.

Soldier: Inglet, Thomas W.G.
Allegiance: Confederate
Unit/Service Branch: 28th Infantry
Home State: Georgia
Date Written: Friday, October 14th, 1864
Location: Jackson Hospital, Richmond, VA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Daily Life, Eastern Theater, Hospital, Sickness, Suffering, Warfare, Wife/Girlfriend
2nd Division, Ward E

Oct 14th, 1864

My Dearest Little Wife,

I will drop you a few lines to let you know that I am getting on fine but I get the worst fare that I ever saw. I am as hungary as can be all the time. We get one little slice of loaf bread three times a day and a little slice of beef once at night. Nothing but the bread itself.

I went before the Board today but they did not give me a furlough. They said that my wound was too bad. If they don't give me a furlough the yankees will never shoot me anymore for I will take care of myself. I hope this may come safe to hand and find you all well and doing well.

The Yanks charged our men yesterday and our boys killed them by the whole sale.

Give my love to all of my folks and to yours and tell them that I hope I will get home just so I can get to eat myself full once more for I have not had enough to eat at one time in three months.

I wish it was so that I could see you all but it is not so I hope I will get a furlough yet. I will go before the board again next Friday. I hope I will get it then. Give my love to all the folks and tell them how bad I want to see them all. I will close by saying I remain as ever your loving husband.

T. W. G. Inglet

To his Little love Mattie. God be with you my dear is my prayer. Good bye my Love until I hear from you again.

T W G Inglet