Letter from Merwin, Henry C.

Soldier: Merwin, Henry C.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 27th Infantry
Home State: Connecticut
Date Written: Sunday, July 12th, 1863
Location: Annapolis, MD
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Family, Eastern Theater, Comrades
[Letter of Condolence Dated July 12, 1863 Addressed To S.E. Merwin,Jr., Brother Of Lieutenant-Colonel Henry C. Merwin.]

S. E. Merwin,Jr. Sir Enclosed please find $2 - a small amount advanced me by your brother when we came to this place. Henry also gave me his old blouse and overcoat. The former I wear at present, and both I shall take with me home. The value of these articles is of course little, but should your family wish to retain them for their associations I will leave them with you. In the great loss you have sustained I can but add my sympathy to the general sorrow of the regiment. I am conscious that the deepest condolence fails to rectify events, or that the most sincere sorrow of friends cannot assuage the poignant grief of family affliction, yet a companionship of months forms ties which a soldier serves (?) in silence, but the memory of which still clings to him through all vestitudes (?) of life. A frequent recipient of his kindness myself, I had learned to look upon Col. Merwin as the head of the regiment- the father to the men and the friend to all. In camp- on the march or on the battle field Col. Merwin was the man for the boys. It was he whose kind words and kindler deeds cheered the sick and encouraged the wayworn- it was he who inspired us in battle and who looked to our welfare when the battle was over. We had hardly a comfort- but it was associated with his name, and we never had a sorrow that any exertions on his part could banish. Any proficiency in drill which the regiment may have attained is due in a great measure to his personal attentions, which to him I am directly indebted for what knowledge I have gained of military. Both officers and men will ever cherish the memory of Lieut. Col. H.C. Merwin, as they would cherish the memory of a very dear brother. Yours, Lieut. S. S. Thomas