Letter from Twining, Henry H.

Soldier: Twining, Henry H.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 11th Infantry
Home State: Wisconsin
Date Written: Tuesday, March 11th, 1862
Location: Reeves Station, Big Black River
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Comrades, Daily Life, Family, Home, Sickness, Suffering, Western Theater
Reeves Station, Big Black River
Butler County, Missouri

Ever Remembered Friend Hattie:

I sit me down once more to inform you of the receipt of your kind and welcome letter which I received day before yesterday which I was very glad to get for I had not heard from you in a longtime. I cannot write to you asI always have before this that all is well. But one near and dear has departed from our midst never to be with u any more in this world. Johnny O is dead. He died at Pilot Knob on the 2nd of March. He had the Measles he got pretty near well of them and was taken with the .typhoid fever which caused his death. I was 30 miles from there I when heard of his death. when I heard of it I tried to go back to the Knob to see to the things there but the Officrs would not let me go so I passed on with the Regt. to our present Camp 60 miles south of the Knob and I have not had a chance to bear as much in regard to his death as you have as the mail will run from the Knob to Waterloo in 3 days and it will take a week to get it here. He told the Doctor to bid his Mother good—bye for him.*#* [These marcs are evidently made for lack of words to express bat he wanted to say. A.H.H.]

My health has been very good since the reg. has been here. I was taken with the Chili fever [malaria] pretty hard for 4 days and had to take l5 doses of Quinine Epikak [Ipecac] and cyane pepper (Cayenne pepper) which I think has broke it but it has 1eft my mouth so sore that I can hardly eat anything. But I an getting a little better now so I think I shell get along without much more trouble. We dont have a chance to get any Pain Killer or any such tings, that would be good for us or we would get long better than we do. Theodore is at Ironton. He has been sick with the Measles but he is getting better I think. He will be at home in 3 or 4 weeks. I dont know as he will but that is my opinion. Alfonso is in the hospital but he is able to do duty non. Aaron and Irwin are well. There was a week at one time that there was not but 35 out of 95 of our Co. that were reported fit for duty. The Doctors say that if we do not move from here before long the Reg. will all be sick for the water is so poor here. Then there are such sudden changes of the weather. One day it will be so warm we have to go without any Coat and at night we have to have 2 Coats on and then as like as not the next day we will have to wear both coats all day and then at night we dont have but one oil cloth to lay on and one blanket over us so most of the time we sleep Cold. The Pay Master came and paid off the 11th Regt. on the 6th. We receive $26 each, Some were sending their money home so I put $25 in with them and sent it to Father which makes $60 I have sent to him since we have been in this State out of $66.30 which I have received. There are a good many here that have not sent home a cent but have lost it all in gambling and drinking liquor. No more this time. Give my best to Aunt, Tolman, and Mary.

Hattie you must let aunt read this for it makes my heart ache to write on another sheet to her. But I am always glad to hear from her.