Letter from Twining, Henry H.

Soldier: Twining, Henry H.
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 11th Infantry
Home State: Wisconsin
Date Written: Sunday, September 29th, 1861
Location: Camp Randall, Madison
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Commanders, Comrades, Home

It is with great pleasure that I sit down to answer the call of friend. We had a p1easent time the day we came to Camp Randell it has rained every day we have been here until today. I have had a very good time since we have been here. The first two or three days we were here we slept in Barracks in the places where they kept the Horses and Cattle in the first Regt.(?) The nights were pretty cold but we have our tents so we live in them now. They are 18 ft. on the ground, 15 feet high, round, end ere in her (the) latest to hold 20 men. When we got within 2 miles of Madison we got out of the wagons and marched down to the city. When we got there we met the Dane County Zouaves they opened ranks and the Corporal marched us through them and when we got In the City we met our Colonel and he gave us three cheers. We marched a mile to Camp where they had a good Dinner for us. There is 1500 men in Camp now, 1,000 in the 8th(Regiment), 500 in the 11th, and 500 is expected this week. It will be a pretty good time. I think that we shal1 have a good time Wednesday the 8th Reg. will leave for long Is1and I think. They get their pay tomorrow they are a pretty hard set this morning. They are off to Town today. They will be put in the gard house if the gard can catch them tonight. There 25 gards to gard the Camp night and day. They change gards once in two hours. I tell you hat, that if anyone wants to live a dogs life let him enlist in the U.S.Service. When we first come here the had pretty good living but we live now on Rations and we dont get but very little to eat. French Soup and Bread is about all we have with one pt. of Coffee. I go to the mess room to get the Coffee end the Devils Broth as you might call it, and then go to the Saloon and buy something to eat (not whiskey saloon but an eating saloon.) I wish John wou1d come here and bring you end Julie. I think we could have a good time. I dont think I shall come home Wednesday for the Capt. I dont think will give me a furlow and I wont come unless he will, Tell the folks I will come if I can. Think of one who thinks of thee, Hattie.

Your friend,
Henry H.Twining
11th Regiment
Camp Randall, Madison
In the care of Capt. Perez
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