Letter from Cruikshank, Robert

Soldier: Cruikshank, Robert
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 123rd Infantry
Home State: New York
Date Written: Wednesday, December 3rd, 1862
Location: Camp at London Valley, VA
Correspondence Type: Letter
Subjects: Camp Life, Daily Life, Desertion, Eastern Theater, Family, Wife/Girlfriend
Dear Wife,-

I am feeling better than when I last wrote you and hope to keep on the gain, although I have considerable fever and cannot do any duty yet but hope to in a day or two. James Cowan died yesterday. It was thought he was getting better but he had a relapse and went off very suddenly. Mr. Cowan will be at home with the remains before you receive this. George Beebe has been quite sick. He is improving now. I hope when we get into good quarters that the men will be better. We have had no place where we could get warm or dry our clothing when wet. They are building fireplaces in them out of stone and mud, and are getting their quarters very comfortable. About three weeks ago a man of our Company by the name of Holbrook deserted while on picket. He lived at Hartford and was transferred from the Hebron Company. He has been retaken and is now at Harpers Ferry awaiting trial for desertion. If it is proved against him he will be shot. In your letter of the 22nd of last month you write very despondingly. I hope you do not feel as you write. You should feel cheerful and write cheerful letters. You said a year ago when all or nearly all of the babes born were boys that it was a sign of war, and now you write that they are all girls so that must be a sign of peace. And if that is so this war will soon be over, so you should cheer up. This ends this letter.

R. Cruikshank