Soldier Profile - Elliott, Edward A.

Full Name: Elliott, Edward A.
Home State: Connecticut
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 5th Infantry
Edward Augustus Elliott serve with the 5th Regiment of the Connecticut Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. The 5th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment and the 1st Connecticut Heavy Artillery Regiment were among the first regiments in the North to agree to a three year enlistment. Edward Augustus Elliott and his brothers, James Peters Elliott and George Frederick Elliott, all stepped forward and volunteered for service at the beginning of the Civil War. You could call James Elliott a Civil War lifer for he reenlisted at the end of his three years of service and stayed in service to his country until the end of the Civil War. His brother George served his three years and then left the army in 1864. George Elliott served along with his brother in the 1st Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery Regiment.
Letters Written by Elliott, Edward A.
Letter September 6th, 1861 - Camp Ellsworth, MD
Letter August 29th, 1861 - Camp Sherman
Letter August 29th, 1861 - Camp Sherman
Letter April 24th, 1861 - Manchester