Soldier Profile - Frey, James

Full Name: Frey, James
Home State: Illinois
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 11th Infantry
James Frey (20 Nov 1843 - 22 Jan 1815) was actually from Pricetown, PA, but enlisted in the 11th Illinois Infantry Regiment, taking over someone else's conscription. Attached are seven letters that he wrote to his father William Frey in 1865. All concern the Mobile/Spanish Ft./Ft. Blakely campaign and aftermath. James was moved to the 46th Illinois Infantry Regt towards the end of his service.
Letters Written by Frey, James
Letter August 16th, 1865 - Selebrity Springs, LA
Letter July 29th, 1865 - Grande Core, LA
Letter May 12th, 1865 - Mobile, AL
Letter April 11th, 1865 - Ft. Blakely, AL
Letter March 13th, 1865 - Dalphine Island, AL
Letter February 3rd, 1865 - Kenneyville, LA
Letter January 6th, 1865 - Kenneyville, LA