Soldier Profile - Twining, Henry H.

Full Name: Twining, Henry H.
Home State: Wisconsin
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 11th Infantry
Henry Twining, standing nearly 6 feet tall, was nineteen years old when he enlisted as a Corporal on September 14th, 1861, three weeks after his brother John joined up. It would take almost eight weeks for the final Twining brother, Aaron, to follow rank and enlist. All three were placed in the Eleventh Wisconsin in Company C. About a dozen of Henry’s letters have survived, dated from September 29th, 1861 to August 27th, 1862 and addressed to a Miss Harriet “Hattie” Perkins.
Letters Written by Twining, Henry H.
Letter August 27th, 1862 - Old Town Landing, AR
Letter July 28th, 1862 - Helena, Arkansas
Letter March 11th, 1862 - Reeves Station, Big Black River
Letter December 25th, 1861 - Big River Ridge, MO
Letter December 3rd, 1861 - Sulphur Springs
Letter September 29th, 1861 - Camp Randall, Madison