Soldier Profile - Austin, Matthew S.

Full Name: Austin, Matthew S.
Home State: New Jersey
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 5th Infantry
Matthew S. Austin was a Commissary Sergeant of the 5th New Jersey Volunteers, when mustered out he achieved the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

Captain Matthew Steve Austin, who is buried in Mercer County Cemetary, NJ. They are letters from Steve & his brother that were in the 5th New Jersey Volunteers, one of whom died in the war. Also from their friend, Colonel Frank W. Pickett, of the colored infantry in Missouri and are written to their father, mother, cousin and girlfriends. The 5th NJ volunteers is one of the least known units in the Civil War. Many of these letters are between officers and include information not in history books.

This particular letter is from M. Lindsly, Asst. Surgeon USA, Executive Officer of the Lincoln General Hospital where AUstin was placed to recover from his wound.

We have had Civil War historians view the letters and they all agree that these letters are GENUINE! In fact, John Hayward has reviewed them as part of research for his upcoming novel on the 5th New Jersey Volunteers. The book should be published by the fall of 2007 with the proposed title of "FOLLOW ME JERSEY MEN".

This collection covers the entire Civil War (1861 - 1865) and several events leading up to the war in 1860. The significance of these letters include: New information (previously unknown): Information supportive of current knowledge: In-depth personal feelings and rare content.

Letters Written by Austin, Matthew S.
Letter July 20th, 1863 - Napperville, Va.
Letter January 13th, 1863 - Philadelphia
Letter December 27th, 1862 - New Falmouth VA
Letter November 18th, 1862 - Manassas Junction, VA
Letter November 9th, 1862 - Manassas Junction
Letter November 4th, 1862 - Bristo's Station, VA
Letter October 29th, 1862 - Near Alexandria Va.
Letter October 25th, 1862 - Near Alexandria VA
Letter October 20th, 1862 - Camp Kearney
Letter September 23rd, 1862 - Near Fort Lyon,Alexandria VA.,
Letter September 23rd, 1862 - Alexandria, VA
Letter September 18th, 1862 - Near Alexandria, VA.
Letter September 16th, 1862 - Near Alexandria, VA.
Letter September 6th, 1862 - Near Alexandria, VA.
Letter August 5th, 1862 - Near Harrison’s Landing
Letter August 1st, 1862 - Near Harrison’s Landing, VA.
Letter March 14th, 1862 - Lower Potomac
Letter January 18th, 1862 - Lower Potomac
Letter December 25th, 1861 - Lower Potomac
Letter November 13th, 1861 - Meridian Hill, Washington
Letter October 23rd, 1861 - Meridian Hill
Letter January 11th, 1861 - Lower Potomac