Soldier Profile - Bradlee, Samuel J.

Full Name: Bradlee, Samuel J.
Home State: Massachusetts
Allegiance: Union
Unit/Service Branch: 10th Artillery
8/16/1862 Enlisted, Residence - Boston, Broker, Age - 29

9/9/1862 Mustered, private, 10th Battery Massachusetts Volunteer Light Artillery, sergeant

11/13/1862 Near Washington, DC; Letter to home - naming his newborn daughter

9/22/1863 Culpepper, VA; Letter to home - marching to Richmond

11/24/1863 Commissioned, 2nd Lieutenant, Age - 31

12/2/1863 Discharged for promotion

1/4/1864 Mustered, 3rd Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Heavy Artillery

1/23/1864 Discharged by Special Order #35, War Dept., to accept promotion

2/10/1864 Commissioned, 1st Lieutenant, Age - 32

2/27/1864 Mustered, 14th Battery Massachusetts Volunteer Light Artillery

5/21/1864 Near Spottsylvania Court House, VA; Letter to home - a private servant boy named Burns

8/21/1864 Wounded, near Petersburg, VA

12/25/1864 City Point, VA; Letter to home - Christmas memories and the loss of his horse

Jan. 1865 Resigned and Discharged

6/15/1865 Mustered Out

7/11/1866 Invalid pension application filed

Letters Written by Bradlee, Samuel J.
Letter December 25th, 1864 - Defense of City Point, VA
Letter May 21st, 1864 - Near Spottsylvania Court House
Letter September 22nd, 1863 - Culpepper, VA
Letter November 13th, 1862 - Near Washington, D.C.