Supplier to the Confederacy: Isaac Campbell & Co, London

by Ann Andersson
January 14th, 2011

Supplier to the Confederacy follows the firm of S. Isaac, Campbell & Co. through its inception to setting up one of the first shoe factories in England. The firm went on to become the main supplier of military goods to the British army but was later banned by army authorities for alleged corruption at the British army’s Weedon Bec storehouse in Northamptonshire.

Into all this in 1861, came one Captain Caleb Huse, Chief Purchasing Agent for the newly formed Ordnance Department for the Confederate States Government at the outbreak of the American Civil War. Huse quickly started to buy the enormous amounts of war materiel through S. Isaac, Campbell & Co, which was desperately needed by the largely agrarian Southern states in the struggle with the industrialised North.

This is the story of Huse’s dealings with S. Isaac, Campbell & Co and of the alleged corruption charges brought against Huse and SIC & Co by fellow Southern agents that would virtually bring all arms procurement to a stop at the time the Confederacy needed them most.

Also included are newly uncovered letters and documents relating to the Weedon Bec scandal, as well as original SIC&Co invoices for war materiel to the Confederate States.

About the Authors:

David Charles Burt and Craig Lee Barry are from opposite sides of the Atlantic. They had both become interested in how British companies supplied the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Separately, they started to research the various firms involved, the arms, equipage and uniforms supplied by these companies.

David published his first book Major Caleb Huse C.S.A. & S Isaac Campbell & Co in March 2009, which reached No 1 on the online retailer Amazon charts. After the publication of this book, David and Craig, author of The Civil War Musket: A Handbook for Historical Accuracy – Lock, Stock and Barrel got together to write The Civil War Musket: J.E. Barnett & Sons.

Supplier to the Confederacy: S, Isaac Campbell & Co, London is the revised and expanded second edition of David’s first book Major Caleb Huse C.S.A. & S Isaac Campbell & Co. This is the second book the pair have co- written together.

David lives in Congleton, Cheshire, England. Craig lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, U.S.A.

ISBN: 978 – 07552 – 0623 – 0
Publisher: Bright Pen

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