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Confederate Union
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   Bartow, Francis S. Confederate
   Batchelder, Nathaniel Union
   Bates, Delavan Union
   Bates, Charles E. Union
   Battle, Walter Confederate
   Baxter , Edwin Union
   Beck , Alexander Confederate
   Bell, Marion Davis Confederate
   Bell, Tommy Union
   Bentley, William W. Confederate
   Bigbee, William Union
   Bisbee, Ira W. Union
   Black, H Confederate
   Black, Harvey Confederate
   Blain, David Confederate
   Blain, Daniel Confederate
   Blakeman , J. Henry Union
   Bolles, Chaplain Lorenzo Union
   Booker, James Confederate
   Boots, Edward N. Union
   Bowen, C. C. Union
   Bower, Rob S. Union
   Bradlee, Samuel J. Union
   Branch, Sanford W. Confederate
   Brand, William Francis Confederate