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   Warren, Delano Emerson Union
   Watters, Richard P. Confederate
   Weaver, Francis H. Union
   Weidemeyer, John Mohler Confederate
   Welch, Spencer Glasglow Confederate
   Whiteley, William Union
   Whitman, G.L. Union
   Wikoff, Peter W. Union
   Wiley, John Union
   Wilkerson, Jesse Union
   Willard, Samuel Union
   Williams , P. H. Confederate
   Williams, T. Herbert Confederate
   Wills, Charles Wright Union
   Wilson, John P. Union
   Wilson , Jim Union
   Winters , Erastus Union
   Wolcott, Samuel W. Union
   Woods, Alfred C. Union
   Worden, James Henry Union
   Worden, William E. Union
   Wren, James Union
   Wright, Benjamin Union
   Wright , Peter M. Confederate