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Confederate Union
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   Louks, William A. Union
   Lowery, William J. Confederate
   Ludlow, J.D. Union
   Lunn, William H. Union
   Lynch, Charles H. Union
   Lyon, William P. Union
   MacDonald, John J. Union
   Mack, Dexter Ware Union
   Maddrey, Kenneth Raynor Confederate
   Maley, Henry H Union
   Maple, William Union
   Marshall, Peter Union
   Martin , William H. Union
   Mather, Jesse Union
   Matteson, Justus G. Union
   Matthewson, John T Union
   Maury, John M Confederate
   Mccaskey, James Union
   McCauly, James A. Confederate
   Mcclain, Byron Union
   McConihe, John Union
   McConnell , Samuel D. Confederate
   McCormick, Thomas Union
   McCrary, Rufus Coggins Confederate
   McDowell, William Hugh Confederate